Who is Benedict Ang?

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Benedict is a mixed martial arts fighter that currently competes in the “One Championship” league. He fights as a Featherweight.


Ang uses a variety of martial arts, but he uses mostly muy thai and jiu jitsu based on his fight film. He does takedowns, head kicks, and even submits his opponents. He seems to like to use his Muay thai more than anything else.


Benedict started his training when he was 16 years old and trains under Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. He is currently a blue belt as of may 21st 2019. He is currently 23 years old as of may 21st 2019. He has a undefeated amateur record of 6-0. His professional record is 3-1 as of may 21st 2019. He has fought in the USC, Ultimate beatdown, and SFC while he was a amateur fighter. He currently fights in the One Championship league.


Ang eats a simple diet of rice, vegtables and some form of protein. He eats 3 meals a day, but has snacks between those meals throughout the day as long as they are nutritious snacks.


Ang trains 7 days a week varying his intensity each day based on how his body feels. During those 7 days he trains 1-3 hours. Ang also includes weight lifting in his routines to maintain muscle and strength.

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