Who is Zabit Magomedsharipov?

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Zabit is another fighter that is from Dagestan and to put it in simple terms he is a absolute beast.

Brief Background:

Zabit started his combat career when he was 10 years old. He started wrestling and then he started doing Sanda. This laid the foundation for his striking and grappling.
 In 2003 he joined the Wushu boarding school “Pyat Storon Sveta”,one of the nation academic institutions, where he lived for 10 to 12 years for education and trained martial arts three times per day training under Gusein Magomaev. In 2012 he made his professional MMA debut.

His Style:

Zabit is mainly a striker, but does have a solid foundation in grappling from his Sanda training and his wrestling training. He is very unorthodox doing running kicks off of the cage. He flows effortlessly from striking to grappling and back. He is one of the most complete fighters because he can do so many things so well.


Zabit trains 3 times a day and he has a complete schedule of wrestling jiu jitsu and striking. He trains all of the essential martial arts.

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