Why is khabib nurmagomedov so good at fighting?

Today we will be discussing why the popular UFC fighter Khabib is a good fighter.

There are many factors that can cause a fighter to win or lose and they range from training to sleep to diet. A big factor in fighting that everyone seems to brush over is genetic makeup.

Most of the fighters at the top have various styles of fighting and little tricks they use, but ultimately these things are based on their genetics. They train in a way that supports their body and how they perform naturally. For example Israel Adesanya uses his height and incredible reach to keep his opponents away from him. Another example would be Yoel Romero, he is explosive powerful and muscular yet he fatigues rapidly so he fights in bursts where he strikes and then recovers.


Khabib is very different from what we have seen in the UFC so far. His muscular endurance is incredible and his strength is on another level when compared to anyone in his weight division. His genetic makeup allows him to continue chain wrestling and fatiguing his opponents. Khabib is basically the opposite of Yoel Romero he is slow and stiff, but his stamina and muscular endurance is off the charts.


Khabib trains hard, but every fighter in the UFC trains hard. I have done some research and he trains in the mountains at high altitude(About 2000 m above sea level). Training like this increases your vo2 max, red blood cell production, and mental toughness. He trains with no electricity, no air conditioner. He trains, eats, and sleeps when he trains in the mountains. He runs, lifts weight, and does calisthenics, but all these things are being does with little oxygen in the air. Khabib also trains with high level fighters such as Daniel Cormier and they wrestle to a stalemate.


There is very little information about Khabib’s diet. I was able to find one link to what a dagestan diet is like.

Thank you for reading stay tuned. New Articles everyday.

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