Top 5 exercises for MMA fighters

I have compiled a list of the top 5 best exercises for a mixed martial arts fighter. These are in no particular order, but it is best to do them all to get a well rounded workout. I have incorporated both body weight and compound weightlifting. Speak with you coach and or doctor before you start doing these exercises.


Power clean are one of the most compound barbell compound barbell movements. It engages muscles all throughout your body. The power and strength you gain from this movement will absolutely transfer. It taxes your grip your explosive capacity and engages your stabilizer muscles to an extreme level.


Standing Barbell Overhead presses are hands down the best shoulder exercise there is. Many people neglect to train their shoulders and mixed martial artist need it especially when they are grappling.


One handed farmer walks are similar to normal farmer walk, but instead you use one hand and this taxes your grip more and takes more core strength to perform it. When you use two dumbbells they act as counter balance making it easier to do and the core i engaged less.


One handed Damony Rows(exercise created by the martial artist Damony James). This movement is good for martial artists because it corrects posture and improves pulling strength for grappling.


The last, but certainly not least exercise barbell walking lunges are by far the best leg exercise ever created. They add mass, but it is functional muscle.

Thank you for reading be sure to be on the lookout for my next blog post.

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