Choosing the best martial art

Choosing the right martial art is essential to keeping your self safe whether it is in a ring or on the street. There are two main types of martial arts grappling and striking.

Striking as seen below is the art of using your limbs, head, or any other part of your body to make contact with certain parts of the opponent’s body. There are several parts of the body a striker usually aims for. They are the head, the legs or the stomach. In a street fight also the groin.

There are many forms or striking, but I will list the most effective and go into detail in future blogs so stay tuned. The top picks would be western boxing,muay thai/kickboxing, and krav maga.

Now we get into the next main type of martial art which is grappling. This also has many styles and subcategories. I will name the top 3 below. Grappling is the art of grabbing an opponent and slamming them to the ground. It usually includes forms of submission techniques such are joint locks and chokes that causes your opponent to tap out, pass out, or sustain an injury.

The top three choices for grappling would have to be Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sambo Wrestling, and Judo. I will go into detail in future posts.

I hope you enjoyed this blog be sure to stay tune!

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